Next Steps

Our Next Steps program has been designed with you in mind because every one of us is on the journey of life and of faith.
Whatever your season, wherever you find yourself, there is always a “next step” - what is yours?


What's Your Next Step?

Ask yourself the question, 'Is my next step to connect, grow, serve or lead?'


Join a Program

We have lots of ways for you to achieve your Next Step, join one of our programs to get you there.


Take Another Step

Once you've taken your first step, why not take another one and further yourself in the call God has for you.

Next Steps? What are they?

New To Shiloh


Are you new to faith, or maybe new to our church?
We would you love you to make Shiloh your spiritual home, and to connect with the wonderful people who collectively make up this church.
Life is easier when we are connected - we can help you to connect.

New To Shiloh


Do you want to grow, personally and spiritually?
Whether you’re a new Christian, or you’ve followed Jesus for many years we have events and courses developed for all levels of faith.
These range from introducing you to Jesus, to helping you reach your full potential.

New To Shiloh


Are you looking for a place to serve?
There is room for you on one of our ministry, serving teams where your unique, God-given gifts can be used to serve others.
Causing you, and all of us to be more effective as a church.

New To Shiloh


Do you feel called to lead?
Perhaps it’s time for you to be involved in leading a team.
There are opportunities for helping you to develop as a leader; training is available for “servant-leaders”.

Want More Details?

Take your Next Step to connect with us.

Next Steps

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